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The USB Hub with a built-in flashlight


I keep going through all the dozens of reasons that this could be useful, but then I end up canceling them out for one reason or another.  I thought it might be great to sit at your computer and then the flashlight would be useful for when you’re playing with cords at the back of your computer.  However, I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t feel my way around it to figure things out.  I’m sure that someone could find a use for this flashlight meets USB hub though.

If you are female and for some reason like to carry around a hub with you, then you’d always have a flashlight handy for various tasks.  The hub conveniently tucks into the hub itself when it’s not in use.  You can hold it as either a flashlight, or it flips open to be used as a reading light.  The LED light is rechargeable, so it doesn’t have to be plugged in to work.  The hub itself has a total of 3 USB ports.  You can purchase it for $14 from Gadget4all.

Source: GeekyGadgets

2 thoughts on “The USB Hub with a built-in flashlight”

  1. Useful for students!

    say i have a laptop for school and i need some extra usb ports for my ipod, my usb key and my external mouse…. while i’m studying… could be very handy

  2. Is it possible to replace keys on the computer board with some that will illuminate in the dark? It would help a lot of us elderly folks.

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