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USB Home Pregnancy Test gives me the creeps

USB Home Pregnancy Test

There comes a time in everyone’s life when there is need for a pregnancy test. It’s usually helpful to know if you’re going to be having a child, so cheap at-home pregnancy tests are cheap and easy to obtain. Personally I’m weirded out by them and feel sorry for the women that have to use them. Seriously, who wants to squat and pee on something like that? Anyway, I was surprised to see this particular test which had a USB plug on the end.

First, let me get something straight, nothing that anyone has peed on is ever getting plugged into my computer. This device promises to analyze your urine for increased hormone levels which can be a sine of pregnancy. I don’t care how accurate this thing is, it’s not getting plugged into my computer, even if it is only $17.99.

Source: EverythingUSB

11 thoughts on “USB Home Pregnancy Test gives me the creeps”

  1. You have to love April Fool’s Day. I’m usually on my guard and tend to weed out the obvious fakes. Being a couple of days afterwards I already let my guard down.

    It’s all ok though, I’ll soon be on my way to the first human colony on Mars. Who will be laughing then?

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