USB Heated Gloves

USB Heating gloves It’s that time of the month when we come across another seemingly crazy USB gadget and in this case it’s USB Heated Gloves. As crazy as it sounded at first they’re actually not a bad idea.

The office I currently work in (not for much longer) is like an igloo in the winter and not a lot warmer in the summer (the air con is exponentially more effective than the radiators). Everybody tends to wear more layers of clothing but when you’re coding (or blogging) your hands still get a bit chilly. These USB Heated Gloves could certainly help prevent a few frozen coders hands and fingers.

At first glance they appear like normal fingerless gloves (with a daft fold-over mitten attachment) but plug the attached USB lead into any vacant USB port on your PC or game console and the gloves will be heated by the power of USB (hopefully not a USB2 device).

You can get these heated USB gloves for $22 from USB Brando, found first on blog.scifi (thanks Adam).

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