USB Healing Owl is actually pretty cute

It’s not very often when I admit to a gadget being cute. Especially of the USB variety. I actually tend to rue the companies which take advantage of their customers through cheaply made, over-priced pieces of plastic, but if they were to stop production, I might be out of the job. USB gadgets are a hallmark for the gadget blogging industry.

But all hate aside, this USB Healing Owl, while both made of plastic and overpriced, is actually pretty adorable. Made by Strapya World, the Owl plugs into your USB port and perches on its tree branch stump or right atop your computer’s display. But what does it actually do on the healing end of things?

Not much, honestly. The USB Healing Owl opens and closes its large eyes and moves its head back and forth. That’s pretty much it. But while looking at the video, I did find myself oddly at ease while watching the bird do its thing. There’s something oddly calming about its movements.

While it might be extremely overpriced for 2,300 yen (about $22), the USB Healing Owl does have its advantages. Which is more than you can say about many of the useless USB gadgets floating around the market. Will it save your life? No. But it might give a good laugh or a sense of calm.

Product Page via Inventor Spot