USB Hamster Wheel – The faster you type the faster he runs!

USB Hamster Wheel
It’s not often that a gadget has my laughing this much but the USB Hamster Wheel made me look like a geek possessed! Pounds those keys and watch him run..

As with any pet, keeping a hamster requires a commitment to care for it during it’s life, which could be 3-4 years or even longer. It also requires regular feeding, care, and time spent with the hamster, but also the expense of veterinary treatment if the furball becomes ill. Although proper care goes a long way to ensure your hamster stays healthy, one of the most important aspects of care is exercise, and this is where the USB hamster comes in!

You see, this is no ordinary hamster in a cage, it’s USB powered and runs as fast as you type. Yes that’s correct, the faster you type the faster the wheel turns and the more exercise it’ll get. All in all it’s a perfect pet, low maintenance and low cost, but remember, tap on each key lightly and crisply, use proper posture and stretch your wrists and fingers before you start!

The USB hamster wheel is available from Crazy about Gadgets and I certainly think they’re living up to their name.

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