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The USB Duckling 4 Port Hub

I’m a strong believer in finding a USB hub that really reflects your personality.  If you prefer clean simplistic items, then the average looking USB hub is just fine.  However, if you have that quirky streak going for you, then you should show it off proudly with an odd USB hub.  For those that enjoy their rubber duck when they’re in the tub, there’s this Duckling that’s happy to accommodate your USB needs.

The duck has 4 ports, which is plenty for the average person.  Plus it comes in the shape of a perky little duck.  He comes in more than just the classic yellow too.  You can get him in plain white or in a bright blue instead if that suits you better.  The duck works just like your basic USB hub would.  Just purchase it for $10 through USB Brando and you’ll be set up with 4 extra ports.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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