USB Drum Kit

USB Drum Kit
Just like every other kid, I too faced the point in my life where I decided I wanted to be a drummer. I didn’t actually get a real drum, but I did get an electric one that lost its fun in about a month. Nowadays, I wish I had gotten the USB Drum Kit, maybe it would’ve lasted a couple of months longer.

Most notably, this drum kit doesn’t make a sound except for the actual drum sticks hitting the drums. You might also notice it’s rather small, taking up a fraction of the space a real drum set would.

The included software takes your child’s beats and converts them into one of 233 realistic drum sounds. Once finished, your track can be played like any other audio file, either through your speakers or, best of all, headphones. That also means it could be burned to CDs, although that might not be a terribly popular option. Each drum pad is also velocity sensitive, meaning it adapts to how you play and can also be choked, or stopped, by grabbing it with your hand. Two pedals handle all your bass drumming needs.

To get the future stars on their way, a full blown video tutorial system is included to help them learn the ropes. Maybe after that they can work their way to a real drum set.

A USB Drum Kit won’t cost you quite as much as full blown drum set, but it sure isn’t cheap at $240.

Product Page [via OhGizmo! who have an excellent new design]

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