USB Desktop Aquarium and Organizer

There have been USB powered aquariums before, but the ones I have seen used fake fish.  Instead this handy little aquarium can hold real fish to keep you entertained throughout the day.  Plus, to sweeten the deal a little it organizes your desktop accessories and offers a little bit of light.  All around it’s a pretty serious multi-gadget.

Alongside the aquarium is an LCD screen that features a calendar, time/date, week info, temperatures, alarm with snooze, countdown timer and some built-in nature sounds.   In addition to all of that is a handy little overhead light.  The inside of the tank has multicolor interior lights and gravel filtration.  These are set to be released halfway through October.  At that point Fascinations intends to sell these in bulk for $20 or individually for about $40.

Source: ChipChick

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