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USB Data Transfer Betwee Machines

This is a great little device for the not so tech savvy computer user. If you need to transfer a lot of data from one machine to another and have no idea what a cross over cable is, then check out this USB Transfer Device.

All you need to do is connect both machines via USB and then you can drag and drop between them at speeds up to 25Mb/Sec. So next time a relative calls you up asking for assistance moving their terabyte music collection to their new machine simply point them at one of these.

Available from ThinkGeek.

2 thoughts on “USB Data Transfer Betwee Machines”

  1. This is a great thing for anyone. Even if you do know what a crossover cable is, that doesn’t mean you even want to deal with possibly switching network ID’s, dealing with Windows crappy user ID’s, as well as setting up the drives to be shared. Perfect.

  2. Yeah you’re right Rick, I could of probably old that a bit better. Thinking about it a bit more it could help out a fair few people. I hate having to change network settings, it always seems slower afterwards.

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