USB Cup Warmer

There is nothing quite like a piping hot cup of joe to kick start your day in the morning, and the bane of drinking coffee (apart from its reported side effects, of course) would be the rate at which it becomes cold – making what some deem to be a heaven-sent beverage taste like plastic (or any other kinds of unmentionable adjectives of your choice). Well, if you need your caffeine shot while you code line after line with a tight deadline to meet, make sure it is piping hot as always. You can either drink from a Thermos or a heat retaining mug, or use the £8.99 USB Cup Warmer.
Definitely useful as it ensures your hot drinks remain hot – and for longer periods of time, of course. All you need to do is make sure that your computer as an available USB port, and place your cup on top of it. It will fit most cups and slim mugs, and will also have a DC to USB cable just in case you want to plug it into any available power outlet at that point in time. Just make sure it remains out of reach of children – the hot plate will obviously get hot!