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The USB Clip-On 7-Port Hub

Managing your USB cables and every other cable you have lying around can make things interesting to say the least.  If you need a way to keep your USB ports in one area, then this is probably one of the best ways to pull it off.  It’ll hold itself onto your desk in the spot of your choosing and you can stop worrying about your hub falling behind your desk whenever you tug on the wrong cord.

The hub will accommodate up to 7 of your various USB gadgets.  Like pretty much all hubs that you’d purchase, it of course comes with a USB cable for you to hook the hub up to your computer with.  It is just a hub, so the specifications are pretty generic.  One of the larger perks about the hub is that you can adjust and fan out 5 of the hubs, which will help you plug in items that are a little bulky.  You can purchase it for $14 through USB Brando.

Source: CraziestGadgets

1 thought on “The USB Clip-On 7-Port Hub”

  1. I want to know how thick of a table this can clip onto and if it will take an outside powersource to power the hub. My desk is 1 1/4″ thick. There is a socket for a DC adapter. The product page does not say it includes a power adapter. From the pictures, I don’t see any writing indicating the specs on what powersource to add – # volts at # amps.

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