USB Classic Joystick

There are times when you just feel so retro, you wish you were 10 again. Video game fans can certainly identify with this, as there is always at least one title or console which redefined their lives when they were much younger. The Atari 2600 joystick was one of the most iconic game controllers ever, and it is now back in the form of the USB Classic Joystick – you can tell by its name that it can be plugged into your computer, playing both old games and new ones with aplomb. Imagine the thrill of pressing “Fire” to start – it surely rolls back the years, eh? You might not be able to afford a time machine even if such a device were to be invented, but for $24.99 a pop, at least you can mentally go back in time with the USB Classic Joystick. Bear in mind that it will not hook up to classic Atari hardware, eh!