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USB Beverage Chiller Bag

Everyone has had those moments when they’re so absorbed in what they’re doing on the computer they’ll occasionally forget to get up and move around.  That also means they may forget about that nice cold drink that was sitting on their desk.  Instead of letting it get hot while you’re in the middle of something, you could pick up this beverage chiller meant to sit right next to your computer at all times of the day or even the night.

The chiller isn’t exactly the most sleek looking device out there, but it will keep those drinks a whole lot colder.  Plus you get a few different color options to choose between.  It appears that they have pink, black and then a camo version.  Just slip your drink in the middle and plug it into your USB port.  The bag can decrease in temperature to -10 degrees Celsius after about 5 minutes.  You can pick one up for $8.69 through UXSight.

Source: TechChee

2 thoughts on “USB Beverage Chiller Bag”

  1. you should realize that it does not cool to -10 C but cools 10 C below ambient temperature. This is how peltier coolers work. Think about it, who wants a drink below freezing? Not to mention doing that in 5 minutes, get real.

  2. Looking at all these awesome usb gadgets make me realize my college days would’ve been a lot comfortable.

    There have been times during a paper I forget my soda is next to me, so that when I finally remember to take a sip. I’m only greeted by a warm sloshy mess.

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