USB Beer Cooler

You know what it’s like your coding (well browsing or gaming) away and your trusty side kick the can of beer become lukewarm with neglect. Well not any more thanks to the USB Beverage Chiller!

We reported a while ago on the USB Mug warmer which may be useful in the office (debatable) but it would certainly be no use for many a late night gadget head whose drink of choice can be found in a can. Fortunately for us the company Cool IT Systems have spotted the gap in the market and released the first USB Beverage Chiller.

Though still at the concept stage it is due to be released in the very near future (I’ve heard rumours of next month). The USB chiller gets all of it’s required power from the USB connection and boasts the ability to chill to 45˚F (that’s about 7˚C in real money :)). I reckon this could prove to be one of the most useful USB devices and beats the USB mug warmer, the USB Guitar and the USB Massage Ball hands down IMO.

[CoolIT Systems via CoolIT Systems (funnily enough)]