USB Ashtray

Okay for all you computer geeks that hate to walk away from your computer long enough to have a puff or two of a cigarette but also know that smoke is very bad for your computer you now have an option. The USB port ashtray.

This great ashtray for smokers that just don’t have the time to run away from their desk every time they get the urge to smoke will hold the smoke and not allow it to spread.

A metal arch covers the ashtray and inside the ashtray is a very powerful fan that will prevent the smoke from spreading to outside the ashtray. Thus, protecting your computer from harmful smoke that can clog up the fan and other intricate hardware.

There are four slots for cigarettes so you do not have to worry about moving the ashtray around and searching for that special hole for your cigarette. This of course will save you time in the long run. It also comes complete with two filters that are replaceable.

You will need a USB 1.1, other than USB port drive in single two electric batteries x4. The size of the USB port ashtray is 90mm by 170mm and weighs around 460g.

You can find this gadget online for around $50 USD. It only comes in white so you will not be able to match it to the décor. However, white goes with everything.

This would be the perfect gift for any smoker that is allowed to smoke while working on their computer or if they work at home. This USB ashtray will help protect your computer and allow you to still enjoy smoking while surfing.

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