USB Anion Air Purifier

Someday there will be no gadgets left that cannot be powered by a USB port.  They’ll all be shrunk down and in many cases suddenly be made much more cheaply.  There are times when that’s not necessarily good, but on occasion it makes certain devices very handy.  Like this little air purifier that plugs into your USB port.  It’ll make sure that you get clean air while you’re glued to your computer.

This air purifier works by emitting healthy negative ions into the air.  Then by attaching themselves to air molecules and any impure particles in the air it negatively charges them.  This will get rid of toxic substances in the air like odors, dust, mold and hopefully will help to rid you of that sweaty smell coming from the guy with serious pit stains.  Hopefully.  You can purchase one of these for $19 through USB Brando.

Source: TechFresh