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Urbanears welcomes the Stadion into the family

urbanears-stadionEveryone needs a decent pair of earphones or headphones these days — it is something that is difficult to live without. After all, most of us would use our smartphones for just about everything, ranging from a portable movie screen to a navigation device as well as complain to mom about how terrible the new room mate is in our sophomore year at college, there is a little bit of everything for everyone where the smartphone’s functions are concerned. Well, music plays a pretty huge role in many people’s lives, which is why having a great pair of headphones that can go along with your lifestyle is crucial. The Urbanears Stadion is a $99 wireless Bluetooth headset which not only delivers quality sound when you use it, it will not cramp your style by offering the ultimate freedom of movement. No matter how much you jump or monkey around, it will boast of an on-target fit that remains comfortably in place.

Light and flexible in nature, the Urbanears Stadion makes use of a special combination of stretchy coils and EarClick technology, resulting in a customized fit for just about any kind of head shape. Not only that, it ensures that the earbuds will remain comfortably in place inside the ears no matter the kind of gravity-defying stunts you try to pull off. There will be a 3-button control that is located on the back, letting users navigate their playlist, adjust the volume, and attend to incoming calls. Offering support for both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, the Stadion will boast of a 7 hour battery life on a full charge.

Since the Stadion is part of the Urbanears Active family, it will feature sweat-proof parts that are easy to wipe down after a rigorous workout. Not only that, reflective details will make wearers extra visible when dusk falls or at night. Those who are interested can pick up the Stadion in Trail, Team, Black Belt, and Rush colors.

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