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Urbanears Sumpan earphones could help you out in a mess

Urbanears-SumpanWhen it comes to earphones and headphones, you can be pretty darn sure that the likes of Urbanears are definitely an old hand in the industry, having had its fair share of offerings in the past which will surely have impressed you from time to time. Well, this time around, Urbanears has come up with something that is slightly off the cuff in the form of the Sumpan earphones which are touted to help you organize your stuff – and inadvertently, your life.

While the Sumpan earphones might be minimal in its appearance, this is a lightweight semi-earbud that certainly packs in its fair bit of personality. Of course, boring is not part of the equation, as the Sumpan will boast of a colorful palette, a flexible on-the-go attitude, and unexpected features such as a behind-the-neck hook function, as well as easy to wash earbuds (that are also replaceable, just in case you were wondering) which will be able to deliver the full range audio performance with a deep base and clear sound.

Apart from that, Sumpan will also be accompanied by a range of handy features which will make life just a little bit easier. For instance, you will be able to hook up Sumpan right behind your neck whenever you are not making use of them with the handy hook solution. Similar to the other Urbanears headphones that have been released in the past, Sumpan will be accompanied by a fabric cord which will help to reduce distortion which is caused via friction and a mic and remote that are compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Those who are interested in picking up the Urbanears Sumpan will be able to do so without having to break the bank, as it comes with an asking price of $35 a pop. Any takers who would want something that will help ease their life?

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