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Urbanears Plattan Denim headphones

Most of us would associate denim with the material that we wear when we put on a pair of jeans. You know, the hardy material that looks good even as it ages, and you need not wash them too often – even better when you are wearing a pair of black jeans. I also remember denim being used elsewhere – like for my pair of Levi’s glasses, the case itself was wrapped in denim. Enter the Plattan Denim headphones from Urbanears, and from the name alone, you can tell just what kind of material encases the outside – denim, of course! The Plattan Denim is said to be the latest staple in the Urbanears collection, where it was specially designed to fit like your favorite pair of jeans, and will be part of the second model which rolled out recently as part of the Urbanears Editions range, which is actually a special line of headphones that was designed to offer a little bit of extra oomph whenever you wear it out. Fashionistas will definitely be able to appreciate the Plattan Denim, as it comes with a raw denim finish which will gently age over time. Not only that, brass accents and indigo colored ear cushions as well as a fabric cord will complete the cool look, and one thing is guaranteed – you should never, ever send the Plattan Denim for a wash, since it is not designed to be water-resistant, let alone waterproof. For those who are interested in picking up a pair of the Plattan Denim Edition, it was already pre-launched over at Apple Stores and in the US a couple of days ago, and will be available worldwide at Urbanears retailers as well as through online channels this coming May 23rd. The asking price? Well, it really depends on which side of the pond you live in, and even then, the local denomination will differ, although the numeral figure remains the same. Time to whip out those calculators and ask a friend from the US to send one over, no? After all, we are looking at price points of $80, 80€, £80, 800 kr and 800 dkk. Press Release]]>