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Urbanears’ Lotsen speaker does things the Wi-Fi way

lotsenWhen it comes to audio products, the name Urbanears does elicit plenty of bouquets. After all, they have been around for quite a long time, offering quality products that audiophiles have come to love and appreciate. This time around, Urbanears have decided to expand its range of speakers with the small and capable Lotsen. The Lotsen is a very special speaker, so do not let its diminutive form factor fool you. This compact Wi-Fi speaker will boast of big capabilities, where it is easily able to fill small to mid-sized rooms with well-balanced sound and a pleasing bass kick. This makes the Lotsen conveniently sized for compact places such as side tables, shelves and countertops, blending in perfectly with whatever decor theme you have.

The Lotsen speaker will enable users to enjoy a virtually unlimited number of audio choices alongside the flexibility to connect in multiple ways. You can connect via Wi-Fi and gain access to all of your favorite streaming services, or perhaps opt to pair it up with Bluetooth, or maybe even grab an aux cord and hook up the turntable. Users can also stream from Spotify connect, choose Airplay or Chromecast built-in, all without missing a beat as they remain up-to-date with the latest features and connection possibilities courtesy of over-the-air updates in selected markets.

To add to the Lotsen’s appeal, it can pair up with Urbanears’ Stammen and Baggen, while multiroom capabilities make it the life of the party. This lets you combine two or more multiroom speakers in order to create a customized soundscape. There will be no need for digital displays or cryptic messages, where a couple of knobs at the top of the speaker are all that you need to control it, from the presets to playback and volume level.

Expect the Lotsen speaker to be out this summer for $199 a pop in concrete grey, dirty pink, goldfish orange, indigo blue, plant green or vinyl black shades.

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