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Urbanears Jakan magnetic earbuds work like magic

urbanears-jakanUrbanears is a name that one would associate with high quality audio products, and they certainly live up to their reputation based on the products and devices that they introduced in the past. This time around, Urbanears will not concentrate on speakers, but rather, will look into the area of portable audio with the launch of Jakan. Jakan is a pair of magnetic earbuds that offer users a free and easy listening experience, accompanied by a mini­malistic design. It is perfect for listening to music as well as answering calls while one is on the move. In fact, the Jakan will come with an adjustable, ergonomic fit, intuitive control knob as well as built-in magnetic plates that enables around-the-neck wear.

 The magnetic plates alone are well worth the entry price, we say. Throw in Jakan’s clear and precise sound, and you have got quite a winner here. This tangle-free companion will be perfect for those who want to obtain some inspiration from their music in order to come up with the next Sistine Chapel, or simply to keep their minds off things while doing the everyday, mundane things such as commuting to work.

Doing away with cords or wires, there is no need to remain tethered anymore with the Jakan magnetic earbuds. The integration of Bluetooth technology will provide up to a dozen hours of wireless listening as well as hands-free calls capability, alongside a generous listening range. This allows the Jakan to be able to serve the wearer through even the most demanding of schedules throughout the week without breaking a sweat. Small enough to be taken virtually wherever one goes, there are no loose parts to worry about losing.

We love the built-in mic and control knob that opens up a way for smooth transition between music and calls. Expect to pick up the Jakan for $79 apiece in Charcoal Black, Ash Grey, Field Green, Slate Blue and Mulberry Red shades.

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