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UpWrite desk adjusts to your height, and acts as a whiteboard

If you spend most of your day working at a desk, that generally means that you’re spending most of your day sitting in a chair. While that might seem great, especially if you have a rather comfortable chair, it’s not the best thing in the world for your body. That is why standing desks have started to become more and more popular in recent years.

UpWrite is a new adjustable-height desk that tries to be as versatile as you are. Whether you want to sit down, stand up, or even run on a treadmill while doing your work, this desk will accommodate you. The desk measures 60” x 30” and can reach a maximum height of 50.5 inches (if you choose to get the wheel kit, that will give you an extra 3 inches). Now if you’re worried about how difficult it might be to raise and lower the desk’s surface, you’ll be happy to know that there is a simple controller that you can use to set the height, and the desk will raise and lower itself.

This particular desk has one more trick up its sleeve. The top of the desk is actually one large whiteboard. Need to take a quick note, or draw something out as you’re thinking about it? No need to scramble around for some paper, just use a wet or dry erase marker and go to town on it. Unfortunately, the cost of this desk is going to turn heads for the wrong reasons. The $1,149 price tag isn’t terrible, when you consider that it automatically adjusts to the height you select. However, that does mean that the desk will cost more than the computer you’re using with it (for most people, at least).

Source: ChipChick