UPS stands for Universal Packing System now

I don’t know about you, but I really hate shipping things. It never fits in the box just perfectly.

Not that I am OCD about the whole thing, but you usually have to pack things in with a bunch of newspaper or Styrofoam popcorn into order to make it tight in the box, and flat on top. This are, of course, prime shipping conditions.

Fortunately, there is UPS. Now, I am not talking about the United Parcel Service. This is the Universal Packing System, a box that can be folded or bended to fit just about anything.

You will note how the box has X-shaped creases in it that will allow it to assume the shape of practically any size of box. Not only that, but it can assume the shape of whatever odd thing that you want to pack, like that thing on the left.

What is that thing packed there, by the way? It looks like some sort of body pillow. It’s nice for the UPS to keep that thing in its shape, even if I can only describe it as “shapeless”.

Unfortunately, the UPS is just a concept for now, but it doesn’t look like it would be very difficult to make, would it? In other words, let’s mass produce as much Universal Packing Systems as we can, but make certain that it is recyclable.


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