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The UpRight Posture Trainer – be the new you


It’s not until we see a candid photo of ourselves that we realize how bad our posture is. We try to make concerted efforts to straighten up for about three or four minutes, but then move back into our old, slouching ways. It’s not a problem right now, but if it’s not corrected it will definitely be an issue we have to deal with in our later years. Your can tie your shoulders to the back of your chair to try and train yourself, but there are more discreet ways of doing things.

The UpRight Posture Trainer can help you perfect your posture, as any time you start to get too much curvature in your spine while sitting it will gently vibrate to let you know “you’re doing it again”. You’re supposed to wear this for 15 hours a day, meaning the entire time you’re awake basically, for it to be the most effective. It is very small, and uses hypoallergenic adhesive to stay in place. It will take about 2-3 weeks to start improving your posture, and there is a training program app to help you along with tackling it in chunks rather than all at once. Keep in mind that your best bet is to use this over a period of months.

Since the idea behind this is to help you have more confidence, be more productive, and look taller, it is an expensive product. You’ll have to part with $129.95 to get this setup which comes with some adhesive pads, the UpRight, and a charging dock. Of course, you’ll need to keep buying the adhesive pads over time, which will up the price. This is currently only available for pre-order, so those interested will have to wait until November first to get one.

Available for pre-order on Amazon