Did you ever wonder why there are motorcycles motorized bicycles (motorcycles), but there are not motorized unicycles? Probably because unicycles require delicate balance just to stay up, and the high speed of a motor could really amplify the injures received from a normal unicycle accident.

Well, now there is the UnoCycle, a one-wheeled motorized wonder that uses the same principles of the Segway. I’m guessing it also uses the same balancing principle that the Audi Snook uses.

Believe it or not, the UnoCycle has only one button for its controls. There is no throttle, brakes, or handlebar, just the riders leaning in whatever direction. In fact, it uses the same Segway principle of LeanSteer. The UnoCycle has a top speed of 15 miles per hour, but the designers hope they could get it up to 40 mph.

I’m not exactly itching to try this UnoCycle out for myself. No offense to the designers, but this looks like one of those devices where you would expect a little falling before you get it right.

So if you want that experience of learning how to ride a bike again, this is for you. It doesn’t look like it will hit the general market anytime soon, but the way gas prices are going up, there will be a demand for fast, one-man fuel-efficient vehicles.


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