Unlimited power free power for your laptop

solar bag
Yes its true, Picard Lederwaren the German leather bag manufacturer have come up with a collection of state of the art laptop bags. But these are not just any old laptop bags they have a large solar panel fixed to the top flap cover, this is where the free power comes from. The bags are of the standard size, which is ok if you have a standard laptop, and can be carried by the handle or on the shoulder with the strap provided.

From the outside the bags look as normal as any other bag, even with the solar panels, which powerful enough to enable the owner to charge any mobile device or the laptop, so there will never be the occasion where the battery has run down on your equipment, one of the biggest fears of anyone who works while traveling around, no more excuses! There are no details yet of the time involved in the charging process, but does that really matter?
solar bag
The ports are concealed in the interior of the bag, so the phone, laptop, or mp3 player, in fact more or less anything that needs a charge every now and then can be done without being on display. The bag is supposed to be available around August of this year and currently the estimates on price are a little on the high side at $700 which is around £350, it has to be a personal or business choice as to what price to put on a life saver as a product like this surely could be.

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