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This Universal Docking Station brings some simplicity to your gadgets

We live in an age of mobile technology. Many of us can’t seem to get by without carrying at least one or two gadgets with us at all times. When you’ve got a phone in your pocket, a tablet and a laptop in your bag, and maybe a handheld console, things can start to look pretty hairy around your outlets at home. When this starts to happen, sometimes what you need is a low-tech solution to your cabling mess.

There are plenty of cable organizers on the market, but I really like the simple and pleasing design of this Universal Dock and Charging Station. While our gadgets are all metal, plastic and glass, this dock is nothing more than wood. Oak, to be specific. There are no special features to be found here. No wireless connectivity, no buttons to push. Just plain and simple wood.

The charging station provides room for eight different charging cables, and uses curved slots to help keep the cables in place, when not being used. If you need something simple and natural to keep track of all of your cords at home, then this $24 accessory might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.