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Unique electric blanket for the masses

llc-electric-blanket.jpgWhile an electric blanket brings much needed warmth and comfort during the long, cold winter months, they are but redundant once spring kicks in until the next winter. LLC has thought long and hard about this, and their collective brains have finally come up with this unique device that is capable of switching between both ends of the temperature scale in order to turn this blanket into an essential household item all year round. Not only does it help you reduce air conditioning bills in the summer, your winter heating bills will also see a reduction. Dubbed the Cool or Heat Sleep Pad, this unique electric blanket is extremely slim in nature and works quietly, oscillating between 70 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s between 21 and 35.5 degrees Celsius for the uninitiated).

It does make me wonder though – if such a blanket works great in keeping you cool during the summer, how about those living in the hot and humid countries that are located along the equator? Won’t it also help cut down on power bills all year round, since there is no longer any need to turn on the air conditioner? Of course, the Cool or Heat Sleep Pad isn’t a solution to cool down an entire room, but if you sleep alone then it would definitely go a long way in helping you save on your monthly power bills.

The Cool or Heat Sleep Pad is the natural evolution of the Cool or Heat Seat Cushion that performs the very same function for car seats. Although the one that targets the car won’t really help you save money in the long run (after all, cooling down your derrière isn’t the same as having air conditioning for the rest of your body as well as the passengers within the car), at least it works great in keeping your comfortable during long road trips. Research has shown that this $200 device has been successful in helping people be relieved of night sweats, hot flashes, fevers, back pain, menopause, and restless leg syndrome.

Source: Gizmag

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  1. Hey, this is the same company that makes the car seat cooler/heater. I made that post a few weeks back and could not find anything on the web about them. Nice to see them gain some publicity – and just think it all started with my comments at:

  2. Will this work in a car to warm up the engine enough to start it I live in Canada where the winters get to minus 30 a standard block heater plugged in for an hour is enough heat to start the car What makes this blanket work and can you make something that would work for me Millions of cars park on the street, with no access to electric plug ins. Whoever comes up with an idea for this will be a millionaire Can you imagine all the homeless people that could keep warm

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