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Uniden’s Guardian UDR777HD wireless security system

uniden-udr777hdThey say that a man’s home is his castle, but in this modern day and age, there is no way that you will be able to secure your home with moats and a drawbridge. No sir, one will have to move with the times in terms of securing the security and safety of a particular home or abode, and most of the time, a video camera system is used. Of course, archiving and accessing all of the recorded footage is another aspect to consider, and Uniden intends to make life easier for everyone with the Guardian UDR777HD wireless security system.

The Guardian UDR777HD from Uniden happens to be the very first 1080p wireless security system with monitor available in the market, or so it claims. This is a DIY security system, so you might want to make sure that you have the necessary tools to perform its installation beforehand.

Darrell Stevens, Senior Product Manager for Uniden, shared, “People have always worried about protecting their home and belongings. But high installation costs and ongoing monitoring fees have been a real barrier for most people thinking about security systems. The Guardian UDR777HD delivers a surprising level of sophistication, clear 1080p video and a DIY installation that almost anyone can easily master and afford with no monthly fees.”

It is so simple to use, the cameras already arrived paired to the portable monitor, now how about that? All activity that involves your system can be set up and monitored from your smartphone or mobile device. All that you need to do is to hook up the monitor to your Internet router and access via iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon Kindle devices, and voila! You’re good to go. You can then be alerted if anything unusual triggers a camera, and the system is also fully configurable for motion sensing, scheduled recording, camera resolution and motion area masking. Sporting up to 128GB memory (8GB included), days of video can be recorded on end. Do seriously consider this if you are on the lookout for a wireless security system for your home.

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