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Uni the Unicorn Night Light paves the way in the dark

uni-night-lightHaving a night light at home is always a good thing, since stubbing your toe against the edge of the bed or cabinet is not an experience that I would wish on even my worst nemesis. Some night lights are pretty ordinary in terms of design, while others do take on a cute expression, such as the Banana Night Light. How about pushing the envelope even further with something that is steeped in magic and mysticism, ala the unicorn? Enter the £9.99 Uni the Unicorn Night Light, where you will be able to take your pick from either pink or yellow shades, with the option to place a pre-order for a white model down the road.

I would think that some folks might even mistake this to be the character of a knight in a chess game, at least until they notice the horn of the unicorn. The Uni the Unicorn Night Light will feature a long-lasting LED bulb and low power consumption, where it will be powered by a trio of AAA batteries. In other words, there are also no worries about you tripping over cables and the ilk. Enchanting as it is, it might not help you score any brownie points with potential girlfriends due to the nature of its look.