Underwater Pogo Stick

Go jumping on a pogo stick while underwater – at least that’s what this neat little gizmo claims to be able to do. I’m pretty impressed, to say the least.

This is the only pogo stick designed for use in swimming pools that allows you to perform a variety of waterborne stunts as you bounce off walls or bottoms. A rigid ball filled with water fits into the non-slip footrest, providing responsive push-off when compressed against a pools floor with your body weight, enabling you to splash effortlessly in shallower water and bound powerfully through deeper water. The stick is made from heavy-duty ABS plastic with two rubber handlebars for a firm grip. For use with in-ground pools with solid surfaces.

Since summer’s around the corner, why not prepare yourself for a time of fun with friends and family? The Underwater Pogo Stick retails for $59.95.