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Underwater luxury hotel


Dubai is about to gain the first underwater luxury hotel in the world. The project, called Hydropolis, will cost more than half billion dollars and it represents the desire of General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prince of Dubai.

There are more than 150 companies involved in the project, and the hotel will have three main parts: the land station where guests will arrive, the connection tunnel and the main area of the hotel. Inside the building you will find 220 suites, a high tech cinema, restaurants, an entertainment park and a lot of attractions inspired by the sea.

The designer of the hotel is called Joachim Hauser, and here is a quote of his description about the project: “My general plan was to create a living space in the sea. My initial proposal was a deep-sea project, which looked very different. I had to adjust to the local reality of the natural surroundings and change to a shallow water construction. We want to create the first ever faculty for marine architecture because I believe that the future lies in the sea, including the future of city planning. I am certain that one day a whole city will be built in the sea. Our aim is to lay the first mosaic by colonising the sea.”

People involved with the project consider it to be much more than a hotel. Apart from the hotel guests they are expecting to receive around 3000 daily visitors. The interesting part is that if the project will turn out successful there are plans to create a branch of underwater hotels around the world. Should Hilton be worried?

Via: Design-Build Network

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18 thoughts on “Underwater luxury hotel”

  1. this is so cool i want to become a marine biologist and this would be so cool to do. i think it will be cool and exiting to see in that deep blue that we call the ocean and it would just be totally AWSOME!!!!!

  2. Tottally unnecessary!!! There are people who could use that kind of money in many better ways……like helping the ones who don’t have anything to eat….

  3. Idea is perfect!!! everyone will pay to spend a single night there- imagine one romantic or sexy night there with your loved person ha!!
    it is like science fiction !!!
    everyone lkes the idea and the project!!
    I”m from balkan-serbia & montenegro here everyone is charmed just with pictures I cant imagine more

  4. i think that it is amazin!!!!!! i mean if you could wake up 2 the fish every morning and also it would not be titanic over again because dont you think that they would have protected glass of pressurised walls your morons!!! 10/10 great idea!!!!!!! ohh and Márcio Filho do you give money to africa or to who ever needs???

  5. you guys are saying that it is one. a waste of money and two. the titanic all over again well… if you think it’s such a waste of money, it isnt because the huge amount of money their spending is so that it can be safe! so it is not a waste of money and it is for your safety! okay? thank you conadalege, flashana, kbug, and rami for supporting the idea!!

  6. Ok, so we have all kinds of opinions on the Hydropolis. Fact is, it’s all opinions or hear say. Some of you think it’s a bad idea and some of you aren’t even sure it exsist. Until anyone can give us the truth on the subject, why does it matter. If it does truly exsist, I for one would absoltely love to have sex or as they say “Sleep With the Fishes” in one of those outragous rooms. Kinda of being part of the mile high club, only well, you get the picture. Try going to Google Earth and check it out for yourself.

  7. so what?!
    where are the poor people?
    everything in Dubai is luxury but NOTHING belongs to you unless you pay a huge amount o MONEY!

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