Under Door Remote Viewing

If you fancy your self as a spy then this under door remote viewing kit is a must for you. The viewing kit allows you to see behind a door before you open it. The scope section is used to slide under the door and can fit in a space less then quarter of an inch. The field of view is 55° which can see from the floor right up to the ceiling. As well as seeing what it in the room, there is a right angle adapter which allows you to view the back of the door so you can observe any barricades or traps.

Night vision is also part of the kit too and is a separate unit which attaches to the bottom of the scope allowing for third-generation imaging. To view images there are two options. First, you can use the attachable eye piece adapter, or you can attach a hand held monitor which uses a video camera (optional extra). An infrared LED emitter can be added too to boost light levels where needed.

Although this is a great device for those who need to spy, it could end up getting the average user in trouble if they happened to be caught spying on friends. I’d suggest using with caution if you were to pick up one of these gadgets.

No prices for the viewing kit are available, but feel free to check out the product page linked below for more details of the scope.

Product Page Source – Spyreview

Guest post by Matthew of Gadget Venue

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