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UMindSleep mini EEG sleep monitor

It is not only imperative that one obtains the right amount of sleep each night, but also one that is of good quality. CES 2019 saw EEGSmart reveal their very first Mini Electroencephalogram (EEG) Sleep Monitor, known as UMindSleep. With Artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of healthcare making waves this year, the UMindSleep carries the distinction of bringing together both hardware and software in a Brain-Machine Interface system which will help collect EEG data in real-time, while working behind the scenes to analyze people’s mental states via its AI technology.

The UMindSleep has certainly picked up its fair share of admirers, sporting a wearable sleep tracer and monitor which will be able to keep track of relevant sleep data such as EEG, heart rate, blood oxygen, forehead temperature, body movement, position, and snoring, all the while being able to quantify people’s sleep processes accurately. This comprises of analyzing sleep disorders and symptoms, which will in turn be able to provide far more practical and effective methods to improve users’ sleep quality. The EEG analysis results will be available at the user’s fingertips courtesy of professional sleep-monitoring standards that do qualify for use by medical institutions and health management agencies.

According to an expert in sleep medicine after testing out the UMindSleep, “The real-time signal waveforms produced by EEGSmart are very impressive, and the comprehensive analysis results are also very professional.” If you feel that you need to have a little something extra in the bedroom that will help you eke out additional performance in other areas of your life during your waking hours, then making sure that your sleep quality is beneficial using the UMindSleep would make plenty of sense. Not only does the UMindSleep work great, it also does not look out of place with its clean design and aesthetically pleasing look.

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