Umbrella USB adds another level of security to your notebook

umbrella-usbUsing a computer has its fair share of advantages, not to mention perils as well. After all, life always has a catch, doesn’t it? If you would want to make sure that your notebook or computer remains extra secure, there is another option other than taking the software route. I am referring to the Umbrella USB, which is a 100% effective Firewall for mobile devices. Whenever it is hooked up to a USB port, the Umbrella USB will enable power to flow, allowing it to not only charge, but also to physically disconnect the data connections.

Such technology does away with the possibility of any kind of data theft, otherwise known as “‘Juice Jacking’, being a new phenomenon that describes a situation where someone with malicious intentions are able to take over your phone whenever it is plugged into a USB charging port. Apart from this protection feature, Umbrella USB will also completely stop automatic syncing including iTunes or Windows drivers, and best of all is, there is no need for any app, download, setting change or charging required. All that you need to do is it to plug it in and 100% protection is guaranteed.

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