Ultra SpaceStation Flash Drive Hub

ultra_spacestationUSB Flash Drives are very handy when wanting to cart information around. The problem many face is keeping things in order. The SpaceStation is built by a company named Ultra and has 6 USB flash drive slots on the back of it. The SpaceStation is credit card sized and acts as a USB hub where 6 of their drives connect in to it. Each drive can store 2GB of data making a total of 12GB of storage on the SpaceStation being made available.

Unfortunately the drives do not show up as one large drive, but rather, just show up as six individual drives. So you do not forget what is on each drive, a bunch of labels have been provided to label up the contents such as a “music” drive, “video” drive etc…

The 12GB version costs $89.99 with a cheaper 6GB version running at $59.99.

Product Page Via: OhGizmo