Ultimate Wi-Fi Gadget (it’s a Rabbit)

This has got to be the ultimate wifi gadget that I have ever seen, the Nabaztag Wi-Fi rabbit. You may be wondering why exactly does a rabbit need WiFi, well to communicate with the rest of the world of course.

The Nabaztag has a few ways of communicating with it’s owner. It contains colored lights, it can waggle it’s ears and of course like most magic white rabbits it can talk (as well as playing MP3s). You control the rabbit via the Nabaztag web site, you can get it to say simple messages like “Bring me a beer upstairs please!” as well as subscribing to services so that you can be informed of things like sports results, stock prices, etc. The options are pretty endless and it even comes with a developers API (the choregraphy language) so you can write your own services.

I think this is just great and every WiFi enabled home should have one, you can pre-order on Firebox for £80 (due to be released April 3rd).

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