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Ultimate Tree House

Tree Pod

Free Spirit Spheres are the coolest tree houses I’ve ever seen, big wooden spheres that can be suspended from tree tops or nestle in the crown of large trees.

The largest sphere tree house has a 10′ 6″ diameter and can sleep 4 people (would be pretty cosy I’d expect).Plumbed and wired for microwave, sink and refrigerator it’s got most of the essentials though it does lack a bit on the bathroom front.

You’d normally get to your sphere via a suspended rope bridge and once inside it will gently rock in the breeze, it’s probably advisable not to make any sudden movements once inside.

These do look so cool, however the bad side is the largest sphere has a starting price of $150,000, ouch!

More info and available from Free Spirit Sphere (found on Luxist, thanks.)

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Tree House”

  1. This is a really neat idea because you would not have to worry about the tree growing and deforming your structure. It simply hangs from the trees in the surrounding area which would not effect your original structure. As long as you had supporting cables with shocks or springs on them, you would not feel tree growth or the wind at all…Really cool..

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