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Ultimate Gaming Chair V3

Gamers take their hardware very seriously, especially those who rock to the PC as a gaming platform of choice. Not only will you find some sort of fancy water-cooled system running in the basement, it will also come with a dedicated graphics card that is capable of churning out mind-numbing levels of performance alongside a screamer of a processor – at a handsome price, of course. You will most probably find a gaming keyboard and mouse that will fit the profile of the gamer to complement the whole setup, but how many will invest in a chair that’s dedicated to gaming? I suppose the answer is not many, especially when you need to drop a cool £299.95 for the Ultimate Gaming Chair V3. Some might call it a massage chair or a cinema chair when they have spent some time with it, since it will also be able to be plugged into other devices such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod, DVD player, HDTV in addition to the gamut of major games consoles that are out there in the market at the moment. The Ultimate Game Chair V3 sports a dozen vibration motors that will work in tandem with your game to give you the most realistic experience possible, while head mounted speakers ensure your ears will be on the receiving end of mind-numbing action. Heck, they’re even linkable to make for a far more social gaming experience.]]>