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The uKeg is a growler that keeps your libations fresh

If you are a fan of the amber bubbly, then there’s a good chance you’ve purchased a growler or two in your day. It’s the best way to get beer from the tap to your kitchen so you don’t have to run up a tab. However, there are a few problems with a glass growler, such as them breaking, being difficult to transport, and going flat.

If you regularly get a growler, but wish there was a better way to keep your bubbly brew as is, then you’ll need a system that can make sure it stays that way. The uKeg by GrowlerWerks is a pressurized growler that will keep the goods fresh and cold, just the way you want it. It has vacuum insulation, a handle for easy transportation, an interchangeable bar style tap, and a carbonation system to keep things fizzing.

It’s made of stainless steel which will hold in the cold a bit better than glass, and as there is a dispenser tap, you don’t even need to pull it out of the fridge to access your beer. The cap automatically regulates pressure to keep the carbonation levels at your desired specifications. There are half-gallon and gallon options available, but since this can keep your drink fresh for weeks, it might make more sense to go big as it’s only a slight price difference. These start at $119 and go up to $149 for the full, with a $139 copper-plated half gallon option.

Available for purchase on Growlerwerks

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