UFO Detector – Because You Want to Know When They’re Coming

I know that like most of you, I often lie awake at night, pondering the heavens and the ends of the universe, sometimes these mental wanderings lead me to think about extraterrestrial life, I know, you too right? Often after that, I find it difficult to sleep for fear of being abducted and experimented upon by tall, thin gray men with large, vacant almond shaped eyes. You know they’re out there, right?
Well, finally I can get some sleep because Edmunds Scientific has developed the UFO Detector. Now you can rest easy because you will know instantly when an unidentified flying object is hovering above your bedroom, giving you ample time to hide under your bed, thereby avoiding any unpleasant probing.
The UFO Detector can sense magnetic and electromagnetic disturbances and will alert you to their presence by flashing an LED light and beeping a piercing alarm. It is of course, an interesting conversation piece and is quite authentic in appearance, with some very high tech looking components inside a clear sculpted case. At the very least, it will have people asking, what the heck is that? In some cases it might be prudent to keep your secret.
So if you don’t want to be one of the thousands worldwide who have undergone grueling medical experiments aboard alien spacecraft, the UFO Detector may be just what you need, that and some 9 volt batteries to keep the thing running.
Available for around $99.00 from, some assembly required.