Uber Shades

UbershadesThis is a very interesting (let alone odd) accessory. Have you ever questioned yourself saying: “Wow, I paid $400 for these trendy shades and all they do is give a false sense of importance and occasionally keep the sun out of my eyes… what a total rip off! If only my sunglasses had more to offer, maybe I wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

If so your problems have come to an end! Produced by a German company called Not-So-Bright Sunwear (I could not have come with a more suitable name myself!) the Uber Shades are a comfortable, stylish and (very) useful pair of sunglasses.

Swiss Army Knife you say? Well, the Uber Shades can be customized with more than 260 different tools, ranging from paint brushes to scissors, from pliers to rasps. “Whether it’s applying make-up in the car while driving to the mall or simply repairing a toilet flapper valve for your sister, Uber Shades has the tools to do it all with style and class. No task is too big and no problem too small for these sunglasses of the future. Uber Shades just may forever change how we view the world.”

Alright for the guys who were ready to buy the Uber Shades, unfortunately you will need to wait some time because the concept is still on the drawing board! Joke or not those glasses would certainly draw attention upon entering the market, if nothing else for the uniqueness!

Via: American Inventor Spot

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