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Uamp – small but potent headphone amplifier

uampNow here is a diminutive device that you might want to take into consideration the next time you think about upgrading your mobile listening experience – with the Uamp, which happens to be a tiny headphone amplifier that will be able to fit into the coin pocket of your pants, and at the same time, work with an entire slew of your mobile devices that are more than capable of playing back music. For the very first time ever, one is able to enjoy Hi-End sound on your smartphone, MP3 player, portable media player tablet, laptop or desktop machine.

While mobile devices work great as a portable storage of thousands of songs, there is a price to pay for it – including the sacrificing of audio quality through the use of inadequate headphone outputs. This would translate to majority of the folks having to settle for ordinary sounding audio quality, and the rather sad part (for audiophiles, I presume) would be that they are not even aware of this.

Having the right kind of amplifier is idea in order to enjoy clearer, louder, and richer-sounding tunes with a superior bass, although such an experience would mean having to undergo a rather expensive undertaking, which is also too large to be portable, not to mention being readily available to the average music listener.

The Uamp would be able to offer a similar high quality sound experience without having to break the bank, since the co-founder of Uamp, Joe Chehade has shared, “We want to make premium sound accessible to everyone, on any device.”

Uamp would arrive in a beautiful aluminium design, where the entire shebang measures all of just 1.69” x 1.69” x 0.36”, tipping the scales at a mere 0.9 ounces. This allows it to fit into the coin pocket of your jeans, which means you can bring it with you wherever you are. Merge all of these with a ten hour rechargeable battery, and you will be able to virtually enjoy high quality sound playback regardless of where you are. In fact, the Uamp claims to have five times the power of the amp in an iPhone, and will work with virtually every other headphone on the market. All that you need to do is to plug the Uamp into your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android device, laptop, or any device with a 3.5mm headphone output, and let your ears enjoy the turbocharged sound.

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