Tyrant Alarm keeps you up with an iron fist of humiliation

As a species, us humans just have a really hard time getting ourselves up in the morning. Whether it be an instinctual habit of receiving as much rest as possible or just an inherited laziness we’ve developed over the generations, we just really dislike getting woken up before we want to be awake.  Just look at some of the alarm clocks we’ve talked about in the past for proof of that.

What human emotion to we need to spur in order to alert ourselves that we must wake up? Anger could work, but also might result in one very broken alarm clock. The Tyrant Clock uses one of the most feared emotions, humiliation. Forget drunk dialing, this is sleep dialing.

For every three minutes that the alarm sounds, the Tyrant Clock by Alice Wang will call a random number in your cellphone. So if you’ve been holding onto your ex-girlfriends number for some sort of dickish fallback plan, prepare to be massively embarrassed if you’re a heavy sleeper.

If you’re one of those people who thrive under pressure, the thought of eternal humiliation might be enough to wake up your brain long enough to make that consequential step out of your bed. The first step is always the hardest. The Tyrant Alarm makes the first step the second hardest part, as random calling seems more of a wide awakening experience.

Product Page via SlashGear

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