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Tympani is a smartphone connected thermometer


When we start feeling like our body is hotter than normal, we do a back-of-the-hand check to see if we’re running a fever. If it does feel like it’s a bit higher than normal, we pull out the big guns, better known as a thermometer. After a very awkward and tense 30 seconds of waiting with the thing under your tongue, you find out whether or not you’re ill.

If you’re a bit of a hypochondriac, then you likely take your temperature more often than not, just to make sure everything is hunky dory. Of course, taking what feels like an eternity to check such a small factor seems silly when it can be done in two seconds. Tympani is a very small thermometer that pairs with your smartphone, is less invasive, quick, accurate, and can be used for any age range.

This uses a two foot long extension cord, which you don’t have to use as seen in the picture above, that you will plug Tympani into. After you’ve plugged it into your smartphone, you only need to put it in your ear for two seconds. It pairs with the Care Things app, so you can track your health and temperature to make sure you’re always in peak shape. It’s a pretty simple system, and will cost you around $25. It comes with a carrying case, so it can go anywhere you do, as a cold certainly isn’t going to wait until you’re home to make itself known.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo