Two-way Crank Radio is perfect for camping and hiking trips

Two-way Crank Radio

Have you ever been camping and decided to go on a long hike, only to discover your walkie-talkie batteries are dead, leaving you without any means of communication? We all know cell phones are pretty much useless anywhere that’s good for hiking, so you’re stuck with a pair of walkie-talkies. Wouldn’t it be great if someone created a set that charged up via a hand crank? Don’t worry, they already have.

This handy little device actually serves several purposes. It will play music from any AM/FM station, or let you listen in on the weather over the NOAA channel.. You can also use the VOX feature to communicate with any other matching Crank Radio (or any other radio tuned to the right band) within a 5-mile radius. This is great for any emergency is actually what those radios have been designed for initially. Having one at home in the basement is a great backup in case any really bad storms move through your area and with climate warning on the rise, this might happen more and more often unfortunately.

A few cranks is all it takes to power the radio for up to an hour’s worth of music, which makes this great for anyone venturing out into the wild. You have the option of popping in four AAA batteries, but that takes the fun out of it. The only flaw I see is the high price of $149.95 for a single radio.