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Twisters Headphones can be twisted to be a Bluetooth speaker

twisters-headphonesNot all headphones are created equal, that is for sure. After all, some can be said to be more expensive than the others, and that is to be expected. Having said that, certain headphones developed do happen to be more special than the rest, and this is where the Twisters Headphones come in. The Twisters Headphones does not only deliver quality audio to your ears so that you can enjoy your favorite music while you are on the move, they also boast of a very special feature – by twisting them out, they end up as a high quality Bluetooth Speaker, now how about that? It is as though the Transformers are among us, don’t you think so?

The Twisters Headphones can be said to be literally a 2-in-1 deal which will function in the exact same manner of how they have been described as. When you ponder over this, it would mean doing away with the need for a dedicated Bluetooth speaker. Where sound quality is concerned, should you happen to be a huge fan of bass, then these are definitely for you! They are booming when they are residing on your head, and as you twist the headphones into Bluetooth speaker mode, the sound made up as absurdly loud, which might even make you wish you had listened to it in Bluetooth speaker mode right from the very beginning.

The Twisters Headphones also do seem to come with a rather tough looking design, so do not expect them to be as sleek looking as a pair of Beats or clean cut like Noontech headphones. Not only that, they also feel rather heavy, and each purchase will be accompanied by a 2 year warranty. Hence, the asking price of $59.95 does make it well worth the effort of picking a pair up, taking into consideration how this would be one of the more versatile headphones that you will ever end up purchasing.

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