The Twilight Watch


Don’t worry, the Twilight Watch isn’t some watch for all the fans of the movie Twilight.  No, this watch is about the actual twilight, you know, like the time of the day or rather night in this case.  It’s an interesting watch that is meant to remind you of the miracle that is the sunrise.  Plus it’s made to be a little extra durable, for those that have the tendency to drop their watch in water or just forget to take it off before jumping into a pool.

The watch can stay water resistant up to 100 feet under the water.  It’s not entirely waterproof, so you will have to be a little extra careful.  At least it does have some protection though.  The face of the watch will slowly fade to black throughout the day and keep brightening back up again, it changes about every 20 seconds.  It has two polarized disks that rotate to show this effect.  You can purchase it for $119.99 from Think Geek.

Source: GeekyGadgets