Twilight USB Drive features the Cullen family crest

It seems that Entertainment Earth is coming out with a few different USB drives, one of which will appeal to the Twilight fans.  It’s a little on the bulky side of things, but features the Cullen family crest.  Then just in case you’re worried that people won’t realize how much of a Twilight fan  you are, it has Twilight stamped on the bottom.  Taking away any doubt anyone might have that you can’t get enough of anything and everything Twilight.

The drive stores 2GB of data and unfortunately isn’t out just yet.  It’ll become available in October of this year.  However, to help pass the time, perhaps you could purchase yourself some felt and create your very own felt Bella fetus.  That or you could come up with your very own disturbing Twilight craft project.  The flash drive can be pre-ordered now for $24.99.  Then once it’s released in the fall, it will be all ready and paid for.

Source: ChipChick

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