Twilight Umbrellas phase through colors

If you’re tired of dreary rainy days getting the best of you, you might look into one of these Twilight Umbrellas.  This isn’t the first time Twilight Umbrellas have made their way onto the site, it originally made its appearance a couple years back.  Since then, they’ve changed where the lights are placed though and have a total of three different types of umbrellas.  From what I can tell they don’t even offer the old style of umbrellas.  Now they offer ways to either light up the sky or light up both the sky and the ground.

The first and cheapest style is the Blue Stars Umbrella, which stays blue all the time.  It’s fiber optics shine only out of the top.  You can pick it up for  £17.95 or about $31.  The second cheapest is the Colour Phasing Stars, which phases between five different colors, but it only shines out of the top.  It is being sold for  £19.95 or about $34.  The last and most expensive of the bunch is the Inside and Out Phasing Stars.  It also flashes through five different colors, but it shines down on you in addition to having the lights on the top of the umbrella.  To pick it up it will cost you  £24.99 or about $43.  Pick up all three of them here.

Source: Gizmodiva